Top 5 cities for an internet marketer

One of the benefits of being an online marketer is the freedom to choose where to live. There are many cities you could live in but here are the top five.

  1. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of those cities that gives you almost all you need. The cost of living is relatively low, and the city residents love peace. The city has free WIFI in most social places with speeds of up to 12mbps. The city has a nomad score of 94 percent.

  1. San Diego, California

The city of San Diego is a dream city of residence for any online marketer because of its amazing climate and beautiful beaches. It has many open spaces which are ideal for online marketers. Internet connectivity is good with speeds of up to 20 Mbps. The only downside is the somewhat high cost of living.

  1. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a good place to live for anyone. The cost of living is low when compared to other cities in the US. It is a busy business city but equally offers numerous place for sporting and unwinding. It is ideal for online marketers thanks to fast internet speeds.

  1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The city residents of Philadelphia have a unique lifestyle that accommodates everyone. It is also one of the most affordable cities to live in the country. It is equally home to a pool of online marketers who support each other. The Internet is readily available in parks and at homes.

  1. Durham, North Carolina

Durham offers a peaceful life which most online marketers yearn for. It is home to many professionals due to many research companies in the city. It has good social amenities, and the cost of living is low. Internet speed is not a concern either.

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