Discover the Lifestyle of an Internet Marketer

With so many ups and downs, struggles and pains, trials and expectations, there is no way that you did not experience them all as an internet marketer. Other people would think that being an internet marketer must be really cool and effortless because of the presence of the internet today. Well, to tell you honestly, it is not that easy to work on it every day.

To officially label yourself as an internet marketer, you need to work your way up all the time, from teaching internet marketing beginners to fulfilling your internet marketing duty. From time to time, I think about internet marketing as boring as it sounds like but later on, I have wronged myself. There are a lot of impression that you will be working on when it comes to knowing, understanding and adapting to the changes of internet marketing especially with the different changes of it this time.

Basically 50 percent of the time you will be less productive than usual when you are with your laptop or computer all the time. Trust me, I have tried it and you will experience it for sure when you enter the world of internet marketing industry. But the perks of being an internet marketer, you can travel around the world or have some time with yourself.

Do you think it is possible for an internet marketer? To tell you honestly, it is not what you think. As an internet marketer, you get to spend most of your time and day sitting in a chair, typing, making videos, responding to comments to your site, communicating with freelancers, watching training videos, reading blogs, tweeting (if you have Twitter), sharing and updating old sites of yours in front of your computer table at the comfort of your home. It is always a busy day every day as an internet marketer. It is a hard work but it is still awesome. There is no other job like this.

Summary of the Life of an Internet Marketer

You have probably heard some rumours and other stories regarding on how to be an internet marketer. You can see that you are always doing something all day long but, for me, it is pretty relaxed. You are dealing with serious problem with mixing distractions like YouTube and constant chatting with your followers and clients. Aside from that, you are also doing checking accounts to see if you have much money during the day. It is really distracting especially with the checking of accounts.

Honestly speaking, I am not worried about the entire schedule that I have to deal because I can still manage to wake up at any time I want and have enough time for my usual routine like breakfast, drinking coffee and reading newspapers. I could do some awesome stuff if I really wanted to. My point is only that you can see what ONE internet marketer does with his time. One who have experienced it already and adjusted from the moment they have entered this kind of industry.

There’s more!

It may seem boring, but actually, it’s like any other kind of work in that sometimes you have to work, and sometimes you don’t. It is all about how you handle professionally your time, schedules and working methods. Internet marketing is all about proper planning, time management and learning how to adjust with the changes that you may face in the future.

What would you do if you could take time off any time you wanted? Share it in the comment below!

6 Effective and Simple Tips to Hone Your Time Management Skills

Learning and maintaining good time management skills takes a lot of time, effort and patience to achieve and effectively master especially if you are a person who is not so good with waiting. When you want to learn and maintain a good time management skill, first of all you will need to find freedom from all your deadline pressure and from the stress that you are encountering all the time in general. You’ll be more productive, procrastinate less, and have more time to relax, which helps further decrease stress and anxiety.

Below are the top tips that will definitely work for you in case you want to achieve successful time management skills this time:


  1. First, you need to make a list

You can actually use them all the time when it comes to making lists. Lists really do work if you use them. One of the most important things is to make sure your list feels attainable. You may want to set reminders on your phone and computer. In any case, you may want to make three lists for your personal, home and work-related tasks.


  1. Set up deadlines

If you do this, you need to make sure your whole mind and attention is already set up with it. There is no point in setting deadlines if you make executive decisions to always push them back. Set your deadline a few days before the task absolutely has to be done. Set a deadline and try your best to stick to it.


  1. Multi-tasking

You need to stop doing this if you really want to manage your time properly. Multitaskers often times seem to think they get more things accomplished if they do so but they are wrong. It is not always the most productive or efficient route or thing to do if you really want to have proper time management.


  1. Start delegating responsibilities, at home and at work

The truth of the matter is that no matter how good we are, we can’t do everything. We need to set things straight before leaving it all hanging right there. For those of us who like to be in control the very thought of this is likely to provoke a bit of anxiety. In this, you need to find competent, reliable people that you can share some of the responsibilities that you are having right now like your trusted friends or family member. It will allow you to be less stressed and more productive.


  1. Use all your downtime for planning and prioritizing everything

When it comes to this tip, it requires some balance both physical and mental. When you want to use all your downtime for planning and prioritizing, it can lead to increased stress and burnout if you let it all out by your own. However, if you find yourself sitting in early morning traffic, this may be a good time to start prioritizing your day or making plans for dinner.


  1. Lastly, you need to reward yourself

Once you have accomplished something in your lists, you need to celebrate. How you celebrate it? It’s up to you! Keep whatever you choose to do healthy, make sure it is something you really enjoy and don’t do it in excess. Don’t let it cause you to get further behind. Remember, time management skills are an essential part of making your day just a little easier.


How do you find our time management tips today? We hope it can help you with enhancing your skills. Comment your thoughts below!

Balancing Work and Lifestyle as an Internet Marketer


Working in the Internet Marketing industry, you need to balance your personal, work and other part of your life in order for you to manage your time and effort properly and orderly. If you are into internet marketing, then you have to explore the lifestyle that is one of the things that every person in the world envy so much, without exaggeration.


A promising internet marketing work and lifestyle is having vacation after vacation while your money rolls in on automatic pilot. You can achieve this all when you have the patience to do so. Everything that you will achieve comes with a price, whether you realize it or not.


Maybe as of this moment you may or may not be an internet marketing expert but you can achieve it when you pursue it with passion and hard work. Perhaps you are striving to be one but no matter where you go, always remember that we live on 24 hours a day and even if you are super internet marketer already, there is always a limit when it comes to what you can do with the time that you have right now.


The three major categories of internet marketers


  1. The first is what we call the “super-hardworking sort”. This is the category wherein you are the kind of marketer that works literally 16 hour days as if internet marketing is a job you could be fired from if you don’t do so. The result of this is that you are overwork and most of the time you are burnout quickly. This is also the reason your family complains about your lifestyle and you don’t have balance with your work and personal life.


  1. The second one is the one that we call “ding-dongs from hard work to no work”. This is the moment you stir up content you are creating and then you sell them while you are making money then go on a vacation afterwards. You are the epitome of active income, because without activity, you have no income. Most of the internet marketers of this generation have this kind of thinking the first time they’ve joined the industry.


  1. The third and final one is probably the best and the smartest category as an internet marketer. This is the one that builds residual income streams that builds income stream that works without their presence or themselves. If you haven’t learnt how to build income streams, you probably aren’t really able to build much residual ones. All internet marketers around the world should have this kind of thinking from the beginning because you will have to work hard once and then forget about it and just let it work on itself.


If you are someone who desires this kind of life, you will definitely need to stop thinking of yourself as the hard working one. You have more responsibility than simply just making money. You have family and health to care for. You will need to be more aware of your desires, and things that require your attention. That’s what becoming an internet marketer is all about, balancing life and work all at once.

Tips on Living Your Life While Earning Through Internet Marketing

Base on my experience in the internet marketing world, I have created lots of websites, content and learned so many lessons that have changed my perception in life totally. Today, I would like to share to all beginners in the marketing industry some of the lessons that I have conquered, experienced and managed to make it along the way. These lessons may not be politically correct in other people’s thoughts. They may also not work for everyone but I just want to share them all to you because it really works for me and it might work as well to you.

  1. Right from the start, when you enter the world of marketing, you need to be ethical all the time. It is the basic reminder for all new internet marketers out there.
  2. In the internet marketing industry, exceptional products can sell themselves but it is not the rule. Always put in your mind that your main focus is to deliver quality over quantity to your customers all the time.
  3. Aside from making yourself busy with lots of places to go and paper works, you don’t have to stress yourself out. Tomorrow all the extra things that you have done won’t matter if it is not the right time to do it.
  4. Success is more important than money. You need to keep that in your mind.
  5. This is a continuation with tip number 4. Money over success is a bi-product of success. It is also a great way to see how successful you are as a person and as a businessman.
  6. Aside from hard work and patience, you can’t outsource passion. It’s the most important thing as an internet marketer.
  7. You can’t do everything yourself so you need to delegate anything to someone else that can do it for you.
  8. A simple reminder: grow quick and invest everything you have got as long as you can.
  9. You need to bear in your mind and in all you work that the best competition that you should allow to get in you is your own competition which is to become better and even greater than you have expected to be.
  10. Spending outside your means or too much will force you to have to work harder and make more money and even become more successful if it is your choice.
  11. In all the things that you are doing right now, make sure you have a reason why you are doing it.
  12. Aside from working your whole life through it, you need to write to do lists too and include the things that you have already done before and add lots of them for this time.
  13. First things first, you need to surround yourself with great people that could guide you, help you achieve what you are looking for and take you to that line that you are looking for.
  14. If you want something from someone, do something for them first. That’s what we call friendly competition.
  15. When you are at a happy or getaway place like a bar or club, don’t speak business there. You are in the zone wherein all the people are enjoying the night without thinking of other things, other than making themselves happy and contented with what they are doing as of the moment. Enjoy it and just be stress-free.
  16. Lastly, when you want something to someone, you need to give credit where credit is due, all the time.


What can you say about my shared internet marketing tips? Of course, I would love to hear you lessons too whether you agree or not with the above lessons mentioned. Comment it below folks!